On the wings of a Butterfly was the first book that R Wright Illustrations illustrated. The cover was accepted right away. Version number three was accepted by the author in the house to make the necessary changes. The only questions that need to be work out were how the fairy was going to look. After the third change, the author approved the fairy.

image 13

Sands of Time

image 1

This cover was a rough draft for a poetry book. Before completion, it was scrap for a more hand-drawn cover instead of one did on Photoshop. Also, the author and the artist realized that this cover would not cover the main topic of the book.

Books by Angel

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This website front page was done by using a picture of trees from the forest then adding different textures and highlights from Photoshop to finally arrived at a theme the client like.

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  • Tom Ward Truck Expert

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    Tom Ward approaches our company with this idea. Instead of building this webpage, we build it for the touch screen in mine two years before the touch screen was released to the public.

  • Tom Ward Website
  • From the Mind's Eye of a Poet

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    From the Mind's Eye of a Poet was a challenging cover from the beginning. The author wanted a piece of every story on the cover. The book cover was hand-drawn first then overlay with different textures and effects. This book would be the first poetry book done by this company.

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  • Calvin Crab Magical Wish

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    On the Wings of the Butterfly was a combination of hand drawings and computer graphics. By the time Calvin Crab Magical Wish arrived a year later, five projects were done using the same technique. Calvin Crab Magical Wish cover was accepted on the first try.

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