About Us

Thank you, for checking out our business. We consist of authors and illustrators from different walks of life. We look for challenging and we stand by our work ethics. We let the client know everything about what we do. Even though a person wants a website, most clients don't know the steps. So our clients our giving the full details so even if they don't hire us, they at least know the questions to ask whoever they decide to hire. Collaboration is a must with our clients because many times the client will change something in design. We welcome that, because it is the client's dream we are trying to bring to reality. With communication between us, we will learn about each other. Thank you for visiting, With technology changing all the time, we are also learning. That is why our network is located on three continents.

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Our Company

We strive to make sure that we design your dreams. Before any work is turned over, we like to be in contact with the client just to make sure that the client is happy with our product. We have writers and illustrators on site, to help us achieve your dreams. We are known for our illustrations of children and poetry books. Five years ago, we added Designing Web Pages. We also do Photo Touch Ups and Illustrations of Portraits (pen and pencil).

Why We Do This

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Passion and Love is our motivation. To create a client dream and to bring it to reality on a page, painting, or web design.

Team Building

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Here at R. Wright Illustrations we are committed to making your dreams come true. As for Calvin Crab Magical wish and other projects here, we have teams here to assist that the client receives what they pay for.